Nick Rawle Photography

So what?

I’m a commercial photographer living in the English midlands, working all over the world.

List of top ten incredible facts about me:

1 I sleep with a camera in my hand.
2 I can still do a location shoot in the desert after days without sleep (see above).
3 I can survive on Hula Hoops and coffee if necessary.
4 I love photographing people and places - at the same time if I can.
5 Nothing gives me more pleasure than a well-executed photo assignment. Sad, but true.
6 I love Marmite and dogs, but not baked beans and cats.
7 I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
8 My athletic prowess isn't what it was. I'll take the stairs...
9 You should definitely talk to me about shooting for your company - I'm very good at it and great fun to be around (this bit was written by my mum).
10 The customer is always right.
10a I'm not great at maths, but quite like doing my tax return (this bit may also be not completely true).

So, there you have it: I'm a nice bloke, I can go anywhere in the world and bring back great photos that you can use, on time, on budget, and above your expectations. I’ve worked for a few names you might have heard of…

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