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Freedom of Movement 9 - Utrecht.

Alec, Lindsay, Lewis, Giles and Ian Brodie. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Giles and Ian are brothers. They left the UK in the early 1980s - their father worked abroad a lot - and settled in the Netherlands in 1988, and have been here ever since. They still have UK passports, but their (British, ex-naval officer) father is now strongly advising them to obtain Dutch ones - just in case.

Ian’s sons are mixed nationality - two are half Italian, one is half South African - and they also travel on British passports, and have also been advised to obtain Dutch ones.

Freedom of movement won’t stop for EU citizens if/when the UK leaves the EU, but it will stop for British citizens.

I chose Giles’ garden for the shoot because it was about as Dutch-looking a space as I could find - I’d remembered it from previous visits. Giles was dubious, but that may be a measure of how accustomed to Dutch vernacular architecture he is after 30 years in the country. Also, I wanted to not do it in front of a windmill.

Nick Rawle