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Freedom of Movement 12 - Ceske Budejovice.

Michaela Honkova.

“We all want the same things, have the same motivations, the same hopes and desires. We tell different stories, but everyone wants to be happy and have enough.” “Oh so we are both photographers - it’s just that my subjects are a lot further away?”

I meet Michaela (and, a few days later, Andrea) through Linda, whose family I photographed in Luxembourg. Michaela is an astronomer and astrophysicist, which inevitably means she travels to conferences all over the world. She also now lives in Ceske Budejovice, in a country she was not born in - Czechoslvakia ceased to exist 26 years ago - while her extended family are in both Czechia and Slovakia, and further afield in France.

Other than conference travel, Michaela would love to go to Japan, as she’s a huge fan of Japanese Lolita fashion. It’s not easy to get hold of in Czech, so a trip to Japan with a spare empty suitcase would be perfect. 

Nick Rawle