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Freedom of Movement 19 - Copenhagen

Marjahan Begum and Jeremy Moon, and their daughter Lilly.

Marjahan Begum was born in Bangladesh. Her husband, Jeremy Moon, was born in the UK, but has Australian citizenship. They live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with their 8 year-old daughter, Lilly.

“We both frequently travel to UK, and elsewhere, for work and family matters, so freedom of movement is very important. Having to organise visas, travel documents etc for a family of three (with different passports and nationalities) would mean lots of extra stress and effort, and possibly delays as well, and it is already complicated enough.”

“Both our work involves travelling, so freedom of movement is really important. Also,  my long term prospect of employment would possibly be harmed, as I wouldn’t be able to apply any where in Europe if we lost freedom of movement rights.”

“Its always positive meeting new people when setting up home. It also has negative as you don’t have roots in one place - home is everywhere and home is nowhere.”

“My main reflection is that people in the UK will loose opportunities to travel and work abroad. Especially for young people who should be able to go anywhere they like and explore opportunities for work and study. The greatest thing in our life happened because we are beings who love exploring, so taking this right away seem quite fundamentally to be going backwards. On top of that, it is of our own doing!”

Nick Rawle