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Freedom of Movement 21 - Helsinki

Mika and his partner Anne are both Finns.
Mika has family in Europe and the US - his cousins in the UK and Portugal are friends of mine, and his uncle lives in the US.
Anne studied in Italy.
Finns like to travel. Traditionally,and stereotypically,  this travel was to Estonia to buy beer. It’s their equivalent of the Calais Booze Cruise. However, now Estonia is relatively expensive, the alco cash and carry outlets just over the Latvian border have picked up most of that trade. But I digress. Mika and Anne love scuba diving and, whilst in their case this isn’t a European activity - they have just come back from south-east Asia, for example - they would be free to come and go to anwhere with clear warm waters in the EU.
For family, for work and for study, Mika and Anne value their right to move freely across Europe and the opportunities it has afforded them.

Nick Rawle