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Studio updates.

Freedom of Movement 14 - Budapest.

Eszter Bornemisza.

”Under communism, in Hungary we were allowed to travel to the West once every three years, if we met certain conditions. Today, almost thirty years after the regime change I find myself at the airport for the third time this year, even though it’s only March and I still feel the rush of the freedom of travelling.” For Eszter - as for most former Soviet Block citizens - free movement is more important than for the average European.

 She is an artist and a member of two UK based artist groups. She believes that exchanging ideas in person and influencing each other through our artworks and travelling exhibitions widens horizons and propels us. Any restriction on this freedom would make both the individual and the group weaker.

Eszter is a fiber artist working with recycled paper, textiles and other found soft materials. The theme of her work revolves around ideas that reflect our relations to urban life. With the multi-layered surfaces of real and imaginary maps she is striving to grasp moments of finding our place both physically and mentally.

Nick Rawle