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Freedom of Movement 15 - Ljubljana.

Luke Dunne.
Luke is a dancer from Market Harborough, England. It’s a prosperous and pleasant but fairly conservative place, and if you want to be a dancer you really need to go somewhere else.
After training in London, Luke moved to Ljubljana, where he stayed. His partner Katja is expecting their child, so I guess he’s staying.

I wanted to photograph Luke in a location that either meant something to him or was strongly representative of his home: it’s what I try to do with everyone I photograph. As it happened, Luke invited me to his and Katja’s flat in a socialist Yugoslav-era block. It’s a small flat with very pleasant rooms, but the space that worked best was the hallway outside - a generous utilitarian area that modern blocks would not have. Home. History. The architecture of place. Perfect. Also, as Luke is six foot one (and a half) it made sense to use the good ceiling height for lighting.

Nick Rawle