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Freedom of Movement 16 - Ljubljana.

Gasper Tavcar.

“Why would you do that? Why would you make life harder for yourselves? Why would you decide you need [more documents] just to travel to the next country?”
”This thing is built on friendship, trust, sharing, being at peace - who wants to get rid of that?”

I had no good answers for this, not least because I don’t think there are any good answers, but also because my Slovenian (three words, none of which are “Anger”, “Madness” or “Deception”) wouldn’t cover it. It was also really cold, so hanging about and idly chatting after the photoshoot seemed like a bad idea.

I meet Gasper through a friend of a friend (a British guy called Simon, who I’m visiting in Tignes in a few days).
They are both alpine climbers and met while climbing in the Italian Dolomites.

Gasper is a biology student in Ljubljana. As a student and a climber he doesn’t have the money to travel widely, but has the opportunity to do so when funds and studies allow through his right of free movement. But, right now, and with great climbing in Slovenia, he’s not in any rush.

From Gasper I learn that his university is a world-leading centre in the study of crabs, which does seem unlikely, and that Slovenia has a lot of dinosaur remains (presumably thanks to it being made entirely out of limestone).

Nick Rawle