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Freedom of Movement 31 - Limassol


Laine is from Latvia.
She has been an Erasmus intern here twice, and now sees herself staying “…more or less permanently” in Cyprus. 

It has helped her to grow as a person - to overcome fears, meet people, see other cultures. Her first Erasmus studentship was in Portugal, studying for 5 months. It was her first time away from Latvia, her first flight, her first use of English outside the classroom. “It changed my mind and my life.”

After that, she spent 4 moths in Split, Croatia, then found Cyprus placement, and came here directly from Croatia without going back to Latvia.

Laine is still passionate about Latvia and it’s traditions, she proud of her heritage. “Wherever I go I will still be Latvian. Everwhere I go I will have new experiences - it’s always worth it.”


Rebekka is a student, reading for a Bachelors degree in International Businesses - Eastern Europe. She’s an Erasmus Plus intern in Limassol for six months. Today is her first day in Cyprus.

Rebekka has a mixed experience of free movement: As the daughter of German Russian immigrants (Germans who were born and raised in Russia, near the Black Sea, who then moved back to Germany two years before she was born) she feels she fits neither culture very well.

Culturally, she feels like an outsider in Germany, and tends to make friends with non-Germans - there are immigrants from all over the world in her friendship circle - as she is “Not German enough” at home, even though she was born there.

Before moving to Cyprus she was living in St Petersburg for four months, where she managed to feel a bit more Russian by “Always being late for school, but never later than the teacher” although she says she was always “…looking at things with a German eye.”

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