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Freedom of Movement 33 - Praia da Luz

Tuck Price and Gregg Forte.

Immigration and free movement are a pretty big deal for Tuck and Gregg.

Tuck is from the US, but a British Citizen. Gregg was born in London to an Italian family, originally from Amalfi.
Tuck left the US to travel and work in Europe, before moving to the UK and settling in London. He them moved to Portugal to set up a holiday business and an event planning business. Gregg worked in his family business in London and then in France before moving to Portugal.

Both Tuck and Gregg travel a lot for business - they are wedding planners, and travel to source props, equipment, ideas, etc, as well as to visit family in the UK and Italy.
As their clients are almost always from the UK, their businesses very much depend on the ability of Brits to travel to and from Europe. Travel restrictions and customs/import duties could, potentially, lead to their businesses becoming unviable. Just how much of a negative impact the UK leaving the EU might have on their businesses would very much depend on how it left the EU and the terms of any deal, but the uncertainty is there.

Their residency status, however, does seem assured.

“We have so many friends who are with, married to Europeans and other nationalities and who have had children who then grow up in Portugal.

One of the quite usual patterns has been that kids with one or two UK parents will complete their basic studies here in Portugal and then go to the UK to do further education or to gain work experience. This may change as tuition fees might be prohibitive for Portuguese residents ( who may be UK citizens- here you can have dual nationality).

Also, as I mentioned before, importing costs will make it necessary for us to raise our prices and could therefore make it unaffordable for our clients.

We will also GREATLY miss the opportunity to move as we choose and experience different countries and cultures.”

Nick Rawle